Shakespeare Set 1: Clean Guide
June 7, 2016
Old Yeller: Clean Guide
July 17, 2016
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Whether you’re trying to be vigilant about what your child is reading, looking for where a title falls on your personal standard level before investing your time, or planning lessons for your class and wondering what conversation topics will arise in a given title, Book Radar will make it all so much easier!

We go through every title in our library with a fine-tooth comb.

In the Library, we provide reports on everything that may be objectionable in each title. These reports outline how many curse words and which ones the book contains, and also summarizes both sexual and violent content, with actual excerpts from the book, so you can determine for yourself how explicit it is or isn’t. We even include references to alcohol, drugs, the occult, suicide or anything else that may be objectionable.

And Children’s Books are broken down even further! Here, the Profanity section will not only include bad words, but name calling and substitutions for bad words. A section for Religion and The Supernatural will outline any magic, evolution, occult or non-biblical references. The Attitudes/Disobedience section will let you know what kind of behavior the characters are exhibiting. We’ll also indicate whether there are any potentially offensive illustrations, and our Parent Takeaway will give you our over all view of what we thought of the book.

So we have it all – from language to sexual content, and everything in between!

Our basic membership plan gives you access to hundreds of detailed reports on numerous titles. And if you don’t see a book you’re looking for, Members can request titles they would like to see added to the library.

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