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April 3, 2018
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April 3, 2018

This Jazz Man

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Author: Karen Ehrhardt
Key Words: Children, Music, Jazz, Instruments, Composers

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Book Description:

In this toe-tapping jazz tribute, the traditional "This Old Man" gets a swinging makeover, and some of the era's best musicians take center stage. The tuneful text and vibrant illustrations bop, slide, and shimmy across the page as Satchmo plays one, Bojangles plays two . . . right on down the line to Charles Mingus, who plays nine, plucking strings that sound "divine."

Easy on the ear and the eye, this playful introduction to nine jazz giants will teach children to count--and will give them every reason to get up and dance!

Reviewers Thoughts

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

This isn't just a book - it's a fun experience! Usually the CD can be skipped and the book is still enjoyable, and I'm sure this one could be too. You'd just be missing out on so much wonderfulness. The CD more than just compliments the book, it gives you an entire lesson on the various instruments and jazz sounds. So don't short yourself, put the CD in and enjoy!

Each page goes over a famous jazz musician too so your children will be able to recognize their names if/when they pop up in conversation.

Book Details

Cleanliness: no incidents.

Ages: 4 - 10

Grade Level: K - 4th

Pages: 32

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