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Your reading options are going to drastically open up! With our detailed reports you'll know what's in a book; not guess what's in a book. So now it's possible to safely add titles to your reading list rather than assuming an automatic "no" on most books.



Once you become a Book Radar Member you'll get complete access to our ever-growing Library of book reports.

In the Library, we provide reports of everything that may be objectionable in each title. These reports summarize how many curse words the book contains, and also summarize sexual content, with actual excerpts from the book, so you can determine for yourself how explicit it is or isn't. We have it all - from language and sexual content, to violence and substance abuse; or anything else that may be objectionable.

So if John needs to read The Odyssey for High School this year, and you've heard there's stuff in it that you probably don't want him reading - you can check here to find out exactly what those things are that you've heard rumored.

And if Steph's book club is reading a new title but she's not sure what she'll find in it, and is worried to invest her time in a book only to discover part way through that there's more in the book than she's comfortable reading - well, she can also look here and know up front, before wasting all those hours.

Sneak Peek into the Library

Quick Glance: This gives you the total number of objections found in the book. And right below, we provide the total number of pages. This allows you to know whether you'll be running into an objection about every 40 pages or every few paragraphs. It's a way to come up with your own rating system too!

Amazon Link: Pretty self explanatory, but if you purchase the book through us, we'll get a percentage of the sale ... which will help us grow the Library. Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

Sexual Content: We've broken it into categories for your ease of use. And these are actual book excerpts, so you can read and determine for yourself, what meets or goes against your standards.

Violence: If something is pretty gory or explicitly detailed, we'll let you know.

Profanity: Categorized for your convenience and censored incase you have any little eyes looking over your shoulder.

Conversation Topics: Sometimes it's not enough knowing what the sexual content and profanity level is. Maybe you don't want your eight-year-old asking you what meth is, or knowing that there are people that laugh at the thought of God. Or perhaps you'd like to know if your teen is reading a book with a glorified suicide passage so that you can discuss it with them in light of your worldview.


Use Our Clean Guides

With a Book Radar Membership you have special access to purchase our Clean Guides. These guides give you very detailed reports on everything the book contains and exactly where to find it all! Page number, paragraph position and even how long the objectionable content lasts. And because we get so specific with our guides, you'll want to use the exact book version we do. That way if we say it's on page 234, you'll be sure to find it on page 234 and not have to hunt around.

So now, when John needs to read The Odyssey for High School this year, you can quickly check the Clean Guide for what you don't want him to read and plow through that book with a black marker. It's that easy; and your time is yours again, to get dinner on the table or play with the little ones.

And when Steph's book club wants to read a book with objectionable scenes in it, she'll know, from using the Clean Guide, where each scene starts and how many paragraphs or pages to skip ahead. No more missing the clean parts of the story because of guess-work. And no more wading through the filth just to get to the other side.


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