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When A Man Marries

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This is the total number of incidents in this 192 page book.

Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Key Words: Romance, Classics, Mystery, Comedy, Humor

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Book Description:

What do you get when you combine a wickedly sharp heroine with a case of mistaken identities, a houseful of quarantined high-society dinner party guests, and a jewel thief? A comedy of errors, a madcap mystery, and a love story rolled into one--When A Man Marries by Mary Roberts Rinehart, the grande dame of early twentieth century mysteries!

When Kit's dear friend Jim springs the news on her at a dinner party that his overbearing Aunt Selina is due any moment for an impromptu visit, and that he is too ashamed to tell his aunt that his wife, Bella, divorced him, Kit reluctantly agrees to pretend to be Bella, whom Aunt Selina has never met. The rest of their friends think this will be great fun to watch, and they settle in for an evening of entertainment as only Kit McNair can deliver.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 6 Incidents

D*mn, d*mnably, d*mned, h*ll

Religious Profanities - 21 Incidents

Heaven knows, heaven's sake, thank goodness, heavens, Ye gods, The Lord knows, Lord, Gad, good gracious, God's sake

Derogatory Terms - 9 Incidents

Jap, Hussy

Violence - None

Sexual Content - 6 Incidents

There are a handful of scenes with kissing - they are short and not very detailed.

A man is divorced - he wanted to stay married to his wife.

"Breastpin" is used.

"Bosom" is used twice, meaning heart or chest.

An artist does not wish to move the paintings in his studio as that would reveal some photographs and drawings of chorus girls.

"Lingerie waists" and undergarments are mentioned.

Conversation Topics - 5 Incidents

Mentions smoking and drinking a few times throughout the book.

A man cracks a joke, asking what color a Mongolian would be with scarlet fever.

Roulette, dice, craps, and poker are mentioned.

There is half a page about reading palms and seances are mentioned briefly.

A fictitious character that committed suicide is referenced.

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