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The Whipping Boy

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This is the total number of incidents in this 89 page book.

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Author: Sid Fleischman
Key Words: Fiction, Children, Boys, Newbery Medal Winner

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Book Description:

Award-winning author Sid Fleischman blends the broadly comic with the deeply compassionate in this memorable novel, winner of the Newbery Medal.

A Prince and a Pauper . . . Prince Brat and his whipping boy inadvertently trade places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws. The two boys have nothing in common and even less reason to like each other. But when they find themselves taken hostage after running away, they are left with no choice but to trust each other.


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Children's Bad Words

Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 2 Incidents

Blast him, what the blazes

Name Calling - 21 Incidents

Your Royal Awfulness, rascal, Grand Turnip of China, dim-witted, royal tadpole, numskulls, Catchpenny rogues, curs, cloven-footed blockheads, donkeys, greedy little snipe, nitwits, dunce, blabber-tongued hateful prince, scurvy rascals, simpletons, little toad, scurvy riffraff

"Prince Brat" is used several times throughout the book.

Religious Profanity - 3 Incidents


Gaw is used a number of times throughout the book.

Religious & Supernatural - None

Violence - None

Romance Related - None

Attitudes/Disobedience - 1 Incident

The Prince plays mean tricks and does not care that another boy gets his spankings for his bad behavior. He changes later.

Conversation Topics - 1 Incident

Mentions beer.

Parent Takeaway

The Prince is called Prince Brat and with good reason. He plays all kinds of mean tricks and then doesn't care that his whipping boy gets his lashes. But when the Prince runs away and the Whipping Boy goes with him, they run into some bandits and adventures that will change both of their hearts to kindness towards each other.

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