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May 31, 2016
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May 31, 2016

The Pelican Brief

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This is the total number of profanity incidents in this 436 page book.

*Sexual and Violence incidents coming soon! We'll change this number once these incidents are included.

Author: John Grisham
Key Words: Thrillers & Suspense

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Book Description:

In suburban Georgetown, a killer’s Reeboks whisper on the floor of a posh home. In a seedy D.C. porno house, a patron is swiftly garroted to death. The next day America learns that two of its Supreme Court justices have been assassinated. And in New Orleans, a young law student prepares a legal brief. To Darby Shaw it was no more than a legal shot in the dark, a brilliant guess. To the Washington establishment it’s political dynamite. Suddenly Darby is witness to a murder–a murder intended for her. Going underground, she finds that there is only one person–an ambitious reporter after a newsbreak hotter than Watergate–she can trust to help her piece together the deadly puzzle. Somewhere between the bayous of Louisiana and the White House’s inner sanctums, a violent cover-up is being engineered. For someone has read Darby’s brief–someone who will stop at nothing to destroy the evidence of an unthinkable crime.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 125 Incidents

m*ron, g*sh, d*mm*t, cr*p, d*mn*d, h*ll

Anatomical Terms - 29 Incidents

dumb*ss, d*ck, *sshole, *sses

Scatological Terms - 7 Incidents

p*ssed, c*m, bl**dy

Religious Profanities - None

Derogatory Terms - 29 Incidents

qu**r, g*y, b*tch*s, b*tch, b*st*rd


Coming Soon

Sexual Content


Coming Soon

Making Out/Sex

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Conversation Topics

19 Topics - 164 mentions of those topics

pornography, corpse, mutilate, electrocute, torture, bourbon, dope, skull, kill, murder, booze, beer, snuff, liquor, suicide, alcohol, drugs, cigarette, drunk

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