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August 16, 2018
The Silver Branch (The Roman Britain Trilogy)
August 16, 2018

The Lantern Bearers (The Roman Britain Trilogy)

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This is the total number of incidents in this 240 page book.

Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
Key Words: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Roman Era,

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Book Description:

The last of the Roman army have set sail and left Britain forever, abandoning it to civil war and the threat of a Saxon invasion. Aquila, a young Legionnaire, deserted his regiment to stay behind with his family, but his home and all that he loves are destroyed. Years of hardship and fighting follow, and in the end, there is only one thing left in Aquila's life―his thirst for revenge . . .

The Lantern Bearers is the winner of the 1959 Carnegie Medal in Literature.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 2 Incidents

"D*mn" and "h*ll" used a handful of times.

Derogatory Terms -1 Incident

the use of "b*st*rd" for an illegitimate child.

Violence - 1 Incident

Contains multiple battle sequences and they are more detailed than the previous books.

Conversation Topics - 3 Incidents

The Roman gods are referenced and prayed to a few times.

Their is some drinking and a scene of drunkeness.

The main character struggles with hatred and bitterness for most of the book.

Sexual Content

Making Out/Sex - 2 Incidents

A man comes home to find his wife had a child - he asks if it is his; it is.

Alludes to soldiers having a night with women, and soldiers thinking one man is hiding a woman in his tent - he is not.

Miscellaneous - 1 Incident

A young man is mentioned as having no clothes.

Please Note

I listened to the audio version of this book so this Cleanliness Report is not as thoroughly detailed as other reports are. Some inappropriate content may have been forgotten/missed and not included in the report.

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