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The Kellyhorns

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This is the total number of incidents in this 352 page book.

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Author: Barbara Cooney
Key Words: Fiction, Classics, Family

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Book Description:

Anne of Green Gables meets The Parent Trap in this delightful tale set in a small Maine island town. When Penny Kellyhorn meets Pamela at the county fair, she is certain that she's found her long-lost twin sister. Soon they are joyfully reunited. But then scandal hits the town and threatens their newfound family.


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Children's Bad Words

Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 12 Incidents

Heavenly Nellie, for the love of Crow Pete, durned, shut up, land sakes!, Jimminy!, oh shucks, heck, by gorry

Name Calling - 16 Incidents

queer duck, you old codfish, hellcat, foolish old codger, the old rascals, dummy, young ruffian, that old fool, dummy, you little fool, you idiot

Mentions men call another man many names: “dog, rat, pig, jackass, hog, rattlesnake, skunk, and so forth.”

Scatological Terms - 1 Incident

bl**dy (as in lots of blood)

Religious Profanities - 5 Incidents

My goodness, Lord, Thank heavens, Oh, my God!

Religious & Supernatural - None

Romance Related - 12 Incidents

The story is about two people that were once in love and that everyone is trying to match-up again. There is mention of love, playing cupid, etc. throughout.

A girl finds out her aunt was “disappointed in love.”

A friend reads too many “love and romance magazines.”

An aunt shares her past romance story with her niece.

In a man’s room is various postcards hanging on the walls - one is of a girl in bloomers and the Grandpa says “Nice legs.”

Mentions underwear.

Everyone in the family goes to a dance.

An old man teases about wishing to be at a corn husking where “whoever found a red ear could kiss whomever he pleased.”

Mentions children getting underwear for presents.

An old couple decide to marry.

Of an old woman, “cake crumbs … sitting … on her ample bosom.”

The word “bosom” is used to mean chest.

Attitudes/Disobedience - 6 Incidents

A girl forgets about her aunt’s warning not to do anything dangerous.

A girl pretends around adults that she’s mannered and polite.

A girl has her toes painted although her mother doesn’t want her to. She also insults her friend about her aunt.

Two girls discuss a minister and how awful he was.

Children know a secret surprise and lie so as not to give it away.

A boy says he feels “fine” even though his leg hurts.

Conversation Topics - 11 Incidents

People smoke pipes, cigar, cigarette.

Mentions a stone that looked like a witch’s head.

A drunk is mentioned and a lady lies about not having the drunk man’s cat (he abuses his animals).

Mentions someone as drunk as a lord.

It mentions that there is a Hallow’een dance.

An old man admits he’s a liar and a cheat. He did it only because he was trying to match a couple up and didn’t want the lady going back home.

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus are mentioned a few times throughout the book.

A couple lie to keep a lady’s whereabouts secret as she wished.

A circus comes to town and a brief description is given of the costumes of the actresses and how some thought the costumes indecent.

A performer in the circus is called “Blubbo the Voracious Cannibal”

A man curses: “To this Nate added as string of nouns none of which Penny had ever heard before.”

Parent Takeaway

This is a story about twin sisters and several relatives/friends playing cupid to get a couple married. Most of the "lying" in the story is because the friends and relatives can't reveal their plans to the unsuspecting couple.

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