The Great Mouse Detective: Basil and the Cave of Cats
November 10, 2017
The Phantom Tollbooth
November 27, 2017

The Great Mouse Detective: Basil in the Wild West

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Author: Eve Titus
Key Words: Fiction, Mystery, Early Readers

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Book Description:

Named one of “13 Detective Book Series You Obsessed over as a Kid” by and the inspiration for a hit Disney film, the masterful Great Mouse Detective series is now available to a whole new generation of readers!

In this case of the smiling smugglers, Basil is off to the Wild West. But this time the Sherlock Holmes of the mouse world takes on the Big Cheeses of American mouse crime!

Basil’s first stop is New Mexico, where a notorious gang of smiling smugglers is holed up with their ruthless leader, JJ, who is trying to set up his own superstate with the profits from his ill-gotten gains!

Then, Basil heads to the Grand Canyon, to solve the mystery of “The Thing” that is terrifying guests at The Hathaway Hotel. Basil’s number-one suspect is Monterey Jack, one of America’s Most Wanted mouse outlaws, a wily and dangerous foe! Basil, his faithful companion Dr. Dawson, and their loyal pony from CLOPS (Cheese Lovers Official Pony Service) take off for the burning desert chase. Everyone calls it Mission Impossible. Has the genius detective finally met his match?


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Children's Bad Words

Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 2 Incidents

By Jove!, Poppycock

Religious Profanities - 1 Incident


Religious & Supernatural - 2 Incidents

"You're like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat." - referring to Basil's knack for solving mysteries.

There is something that stalks a hotel at night. Some think it's a ghost, demon or alien. It is actually a gang of mice.

Violence - None

Attitudes/Disobedience - None

Romance Related - 4 Incidents

A mouse kisses a waitress.

The word "breast" is used - non-sexually.

Quoting Shakespeare: "Come on, and kiss me, Kate."

A bad mouse falsely courts female mice who work at a bank so he can steal money.

Conversation Topics - 1 Incident

Mentions seven million years.

Parent Takeaway

Sherlock Holmes has a protege - a mouse, Basil of Baker Street. Like his human counterpart, he solves all kinds of daring mysteries that your family will enjoy. Clean, fun entertainment!

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