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August 23, 2018
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August 23, 2018

The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

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Author: David McCullough
Key Words: History, Brooklyn Bridge

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Book Description:

The dramatic and enthralling story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge at the time, a tale of greed, corruption, and obstruction but also of optimism, heroism, and determination, told by master historian David McCullough.

This monumental book is the enthralling story of one of the greatest events in our nation’s history, during the Age of Optimism—a period when Americans were convinced in their hearts that all things were possible.

In the years around 1870, when the project was first undertaken, the concept of building an unprecedented bridge to span the East River between the great cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn required a vision and determination comparable to that which went into the building of the great cathedrals. Throughout the fourteen years of its construction, the odds against the successful completion of the bridge seemed staggering. Bodies were crushed and broken, lives lost, political empires fell, and surges of public emotion constantly threatened the project. But this is not merely the saga of an engineering miracle; it is a sweeping narrative of the social climate of the time and of the heroes and rascals who had a hand in either constructing or exploiting the surpassing enterprise.


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Profanity - 1 Incident

A small sprinkling of mild obscenities throughout the book.

Violence - None

Sexual Content - 1 Incident

A woman who was thought to have psychic powers said that a leading pastor in Brooklyn and a women of his congregation had an affair - it was never confirmed and the affair was not detailed.

Conversation Topics - 1 Incident

Goes into seances in one chapter as they were highly popular in the day and as a leading figure in the book did them often.

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I listened to the audio version of this book so this Cleanliness Report is not as thoroughly detailed as other reports are. Some inappropriate content may have been forgotten/missed and not included in the report.

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