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May 31, 2016
The Bourne Legacy
May 31, 2016

The Bourne Dominion

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This is the total number of profanity incidents in this 608 page book.

*Sexual and Violence incidents coming soon! We'll change this number once these incidents are included.

Author: Eric Van Lustbader
Key Words: Thrillers & Suspense, Espionage

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Book Description:

Jason Bourne is searching for an elusive cadre of terrorists planning to destroy America's most strategic natural resources. He needs the help of his long-time friend, General Boris Karpov, the newly appointed head of Russia's most feared spy agency, FSB-2. Karpov is one of the most determined, honorable, and justice-hungry men that Bourne knows. But Karpov has made a deal with the devil. In order to remain the head of FSB-2, he must hunt down and kill Bourne. Now, these two trusted friends are on a deadly collision course. From the Colombian highlands to Munich, Cadiz, and Damascus, the clock is counting down to a disaster that will cripple America's economic and military future. Only Bourne and Karpov have a chance to avert the catastrophe-but if they destroy each other first, that chance will be gone forever. THE BOURNE DOMINION Jason Bourne is one of the most compelling and best loved characters created by internationally bestselling novelist Robert Ludlum. The hero of eight novels, including The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy, Bourne has also been featured in three blockbuster movies starring Matt Damon. Now, New York Times bestselling author Eric Van Lustbader presents a new story about the rogue secret agent who has lost his memory.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 52 Incidents

d*mn, d*mm*t, cr*p, h*llish, h*ll

Anatomical Terms - 21 Incidents

c*cks*cker, d*ck, *ss, f-word

Scatological Terms - 13 Incidents

p*ssed, p*ss, bl**dy, sh*t

Religious Profanities - None

Derogatory Terms - 11 Incidents

p*ta, wh*r*, l*sbi*n, b*tch, b*st*rd


Coming Soon

Sexual Content


Coming Soon

Making Out/Sex

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Conversation Topics

21 Topics - 150 mentions of those topics

corpse, ghost, opium, torture, skull, skeleton, stab, choke, strangle, kill, murder, booze, beer, snuff, liquor, suicide, cocaine, drunkard, alcohol, drugs, cigarette

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