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November 2, 2017
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The Blue Castle

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This is the total number of incidents in this 256 page book.

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Author: L. M. Montgomery
Key Words: Fiction, Romance, Classic

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Book Description:

All her life, Valancy Stirling lived on a quiet little street in an ugly little house and never dared to contradict her domineering mother and her unforgiving aunt. Then she gets a letter―and decides that very day things need to change. For the first time in her life, she does exactly what she wants to and says exactly what she feels.

At first her family thinks she's gone around the bend. But soon Valancy discovers more surprises and adventure than she ever thought possible. She also finds her one true love and the real-life version of the Blue Castle that she was sure only existed in her dreams...


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 10 Incidents

The word “pussies” is used to mean cats, Poppy-cock!, d--d, d*mning, How the devil, d*mn, d*mnably

Religious Profanities - 15 Incidents

God, Lord, thank goodness, God bless my soul!, for God's sake, Good heavens, Gad, God knew, God bless me!

Derogatory Terms - 2 Incidents

old hags, little hussy

Violence - None

Conversation Topics - 8 Incidents

"Thank whatever gods there were for that."

Mentions a pipe, tobacco, whiskey, wine.

There is a drunk throughout the story.

The main character likes/respects a man: “She had always like the old sinner. He was such a jolly, picturesque, unashamed reprobate and stood out against the drab respectability of Deerwood and its customs like a flame-red flag of revolt and protest.” She admires people who go against convention; a theme throughout.

The main character asks, “Have you ever thought, Uncle James, how dull life would be without the Ten Commandments? It is only when things are forbidden that they become fascinating.”

A paragraph between a pastor and a drunk about his sins and his daughter who has a child out of wedlock.

A girl says she’s not offended by a man’s swearing and says she often feels like “d*mning things myself.”

A girl decides to go to a dance hall where proper girls don’t go. A drunk man asks her to dance, she refuses and a fight breaks out. A man rescues her and she repents of going.

Sexual Content

Lust - 1 Incident

“He hasn’t even tried to kiss me. I wouldn’t have minded if he had.”

Making Out/Sex - 8 Incidents

Mentions a “canoodling couple.”

A “young man’s arm was around the girl’s waist quite shamelessly.”

A boy tried to kiss a girl at a party.

Gossip about a man being the father of a single woman’s baby is mentioned.

“In his youth he had been a famous lover, finding all women too charming to bind himself to one.”

A girl mentions that a man is too old to try to seduce her.

A girl shares how she fell for a man and let him seduce her. **Parents may want to read this as perspective on sin is skewed.*

A married couple kiss.

Miscellaneous - 12 Incidents

Description of a woman: “a figure thin and flat-breasted.”

Mentions a girl with rogue and how people commented saying she couldn’t be fast if she tried.

“So proper that she blushed when she saw the advertisement picture of a corset and had put a dress on her Venus de Milo statuette which made it look “real tasty.”

A joke is told about chorus girls and their legs.

A man says a girl has nice ankles.

The word “breast” is used to mean chest.

A man grabs a girl’s arm and then they run for safety.

The word “breast” is used to mean chest.

The word “virgin” is used regarding a berry.

The word “breast” is used.

A “virgin” spring

“White birches shining among the dark spruces like beautiful women’s bodies.”

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