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September 7, 2017
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Swallows and Amazons

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Author: Arthur Ransome
Key Words: Fiction, Classics, Family, Adventure, Pirates, Sailing, Summer

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Book Description:

The first title in Arthur Ransome's classic series, originally published in 1930: for children, for grownups, for anyone captivated by the world of adventure and imagination. Swallows and Amazons introduces the lovable Walker family, the camp on Wild Cat island, the able-bodied catboat Swallow, and the two intrepid Amazons, Nancy and Peggy Blackett.


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Children's Bad Words

Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 11 Incidents

By Gum, shut up, Blast it, By Jove

Name Calling - 31 Incidents

duffers, Fat Vicky, donkey, goat, you chump-headed galoot, beast, you fo’c’sle hands, son of a seacook, blamed fool, a cross-grained curmudgeonly idiot, awful big, beastly enemy, galoot, scoundrels, you harum-scarums

Religious Profanities - 3 Incidents

Thank goodness, I hope to goodness, My word

Religious & Supernatural - 1 Incidents

There is a Buddha idol sitting on a shelf.

Romance Related - None

Parent Takeaway

The story is fantastic and imaginative! Four siblings are allowed to stay on a little island for the duration of their vacation. They set up camp, have to cook for themselves and work together to sail and explore. They love pretending all kinds of adventures, even imagining that when their mom comes to visit that she is a savage (who knows how to play the part just right) and that an old man is a pirate. Some of what the children say shouldn't be taken too seriously as it is part of their make-believe that they're adventures and sailors/pirates.

Attitudes/Disobedience - 3 Incidents

Two siblings have a brief argument.

A boy has a few negative thoughts before he forgives somebody but feels better when he does.

Two children are told to do something and “flatly refused to go.”

Conversation Topics - 9 Incidents

Mentions a tobacco tin (used for something else).

Children pretend to be sailors/pirates so call their drinks “grog” or “rum.” Throughout the book.

Mentions pipes, a cigar-box, a pub.

Children explore and pretend to come across a spot on the island where savages “had a corroboree, .. cooked their prisoners on the fire and danced round them.”

Children meet to gentlemen but later pretend they were medicine men. “They’re the finest savages we ever met … I expect the serpent is for witchcraft.”

Children pretending again, “We must capture their ship while they are feasting ashore, or sleeping off their drunken orgies.”

Two nieces are upset that their uncle won’t play with them this summer so they tease him and try to trap him into playing. Some of what they say is not to be taken too seriously.

A man says he’ll bring a child back a real parrot. “One that can really swear?” “An out-and-out ruffian.”

Children dance a hornpipe.

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