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This is the total number of incidents in this 288 page book.

*As personal standards vary, please see the breakdown to determine what matters to you.

Author: Eleanor H. Porter
Key Words: Fiction, Classics, Family, Growing up

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Book Description:

As soon as Pollyanna arrives in Beldingsville to live with her strict and dutiful maiden aunt, she begins to brighten up everybody's life. The 'glad game' she plays, of finding a silver lining in every cloud, transforms the sick, the lonely and the plain miserable - until one day something so terrible happens that even Pollyanna doesn't know how to feel glad about it.


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Children's Bad Words

Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 13 Incidents

Gorry, oh land, my stars and stockings, drat, by jinks

Name Calling - 2 Incidents

silly, Black Tilly (a servant)

Religious Profanities - 7 Incidents

Glory be ter praise!, glory, mercy, goodness, for heaven's sake

Religious & Supernatural - 3 Incidents

"I just can't make myself understand that God and the angels needed my father more than I did." " No more they did, neither."

"I love black curls. (That's one of the things I'm going to have when I get to Heaven.)"

When Pollyanna's mother died "she became a Heaven angel."

Violence - None

Romance Related - 3 Incidents

Mentions Miss Polly's love affair - how she was once in love with someone.

Mentions undergarments.

The word "sex" is used to mean gender.

Attitudes/Disobedience - None

Conversation Topics - 2 Incidents

Mentions a little jade idol from Inida.

A couple thought of getting a divorce but decided to stay together.

Parent Takeaway

A delightful book that focuses on all that is wholesome, good and worth being grateful and glad about. Like Pollyanna, you'll soon learn how to see the bright side of everything and be just as glad as she.

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