When Spring Comes
March 2, 2018
The Rain Came Down
March 2, 2018

Mouse’s First Spring

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Author: Lauren Thompson
Key Words: Spring, Children, Seasons, Animals, Board Book

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Book Description:

One bright day, Mouse and Momma head outside to play. The wind blows in something feathery and plump (a bird), something wiggly and pink (a worm), and something green that hops and leaps (a frog). But before it’s time to go back inside, Mouse finds something with petals that’s soft and new...the prettiest flower he’s ever seen! Could it mean spring is finally here?

Reviewers Thoughts

Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Swing your toddler on your lap and snuggle up with this short and sweet book. Kids will love pointing to the pictures and the word choices make this a delightful listen!

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Cleanliness: no incidents

Ages: 2 - 4

Grade Level: PreK

Pages: 34

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