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This is the total number of incidents in this 256 pages book.

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Author: Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Key Words: Fiction, Wild West, Frontier, Native Americans, Newbery Honor

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Book Description:

Jim Keath has lived for six years as a Crow Indian when he learns that his two younger brothers and a sister are journeying west to take up land. Although Jim finds it difficult to fit in with the family he hasn’t seen since childhood, and though they are wary and distrustful of him, Jim feels his duty is at their side. But slowly, as they survive the dangerous trek west, the perils of frontier life, and the kidnapping of their younger brother, Jim and his family realize that the only way to survive is to accept each other and truly reunite the family.


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Sexual Content

Miscellaneous - 8 Incidents

Naked Indians (bare chested) are mentioned throughout the book.

Indian dances are mentioned.

A girl gets excited as a boy dances with her (she has a crush on him).

Virgin forest

A boy would strip his clothes at the edge of the woods.

“The wind flowing past his naked body.”

Mentions “his naked body” but probably more implying that he is shirtless.

A boy strips down to his briefs.

Violence - 1 Incident

The main character kills an Indian up close that kidnapped his brother.


Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 49 Incidents

what the tarnation, what the devil, blasted, blast it, shucks, shut up, dratted, the devil with it, cussed lot of trouble, darn

(Used repeatedly throughout the book but not counted: by golly, cracky, jiminy, thunder, thunderation, crimeny, What the Sam Hill)

Scatological Terms - 4 Incidents

Bl**dy (as in lots of blood), bl**dy (once)

Religious Profanities - 60 Incidents

By gor (by God), La (Lord), Good lord a'mighty, by all that's holy, by the almighty, Lord, Gee, doggone, oh lordy, for the land sake, for the lova creation, I declare to goodness, for the lord's sake, hallelujah (used several times throughout the book but not counted).

Conversation Topics - 7 Incidents

A young boy runs away from home. Mentioned a few times throughout the book.

A smoking pipe and tobacco are mentioned a few times.

Mentions Indian religion, spirits of the dead, and a medicine bundle (which was a glorified good-luck charm) throughout the book.

Mentions gambling.

“Promise or no promise, a fellow had to cut loose sometimes and just be himself!”

A wife leaves her husband and he says he doesn’t blame her.

An explanation of Psalm 23 is given and how it helped a boy when he was feverish “from starvin’ and cuttin’” himself with a knife during the Indian boy’s right to manhood.

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