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Mara, Daughter of the Nile

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Author: Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Key Words: Fiction, Teens, Ancient Egypt, Spies, Romance

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Book Description:

Mara is a proud and beautiful slave girl who yearns for freedom. In order to gain it, she finds herself playing the dangerous role of double spy for two arch enemies - each of whom supports a contender for the throne of Egypt.


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Sexual Content

Lust - 21 Incidents

A man flirts, telling a girl that her eyes are beautiful. (He speaks of her eyes a few times and calls her “lotus eyes”).

A man is attracted/likes a girl, but throws the thought away to stay focused on his chosen destiny.

A man grabs a girl, holding her close and says: “I’d rather kiss than threaten you. I wonder if it wouldn’t be more effective.” He lets her go and she wonders why he didn’t kiss her. (These are the two main characters - similar situations happening later as they go from enemies, to master/slave, to falling in love).

A girl thinks about how a man’s “arms had felt about her.”

A man grabs a girl’s hand and she observes his hands.

A girl realizes that a man’s flirting meant nothing - he was a master and she a slave.

“His eyes met hers, and a delicious warmth stole over her. I was wrong, she thought. This is the same who once held me in his arms, though he would not kiss me.”

A girl describes a man, noting his handsomeness and recalling the feel of his hands.

“That sentry is - is ogling you!”

A girl flirts with a sentry in the event that she needs to flee through his gate.

A girl flirts with a sentry, manipulating him to let her out of the gate. He holds her and tries to kiss her. For allowing her through the gate, he doesn’t want gold (sexual favors implied).

“What was it about his smile? Its warmth? Its sudden intimacy? It rushed to the head like strong wine.”

A man and girl flirt back and forth. The girl tells the man that she flirted with a sentry to get out of the gate and that she might not be able to hold him off too much longer before giving him want he wants. During this conversation, a man comes up to the man and girl and calls them lovers. The girl thinks on this.

A man grabs a girl, twisting her arm behind her so that she will tell him the message she’s been withholding.

A man thinks about a girl and tries to sort out his thoughts.

A girl mentions again how much longer she can hold off her bargain with the sentry.

A man thinks about how his attraction for a girl has been noticed.

A man reflects on the touch of a girl’s lips.

A man notices a girl’s bare brown shoulders, her dress, etc.

A girl reflects on the kiss that saved her life.

A man tenderly holds a girl.

Making Out/Sex - 3 Incidents

A man gathers a girl in his arms and kisses her.

A man grabs a girl to kill her but can’t. She presses closer to him and kisses him. He runs away (he found out she was a spy but is too in love with her to kill her).

A man hugs and kisses a girl.

Miscellaneous - 7 Incidents

Mentions a girl’s bare brown shoulders (not sensually).

‘Inanni glanced at Mara’s bare shoulders and sheer narrow garment and blushed crimson. “Oh, I could never wear those things … Shocking!”’

“Inanni blushed and looked away from the narrow garment with its fluted, filmy sleeves, through which the lines of Mara’s body were quite frankly visible.”

“A dancing girl swayed and postured to the jingle of her tambourine and the wail of a blind musician’s flute.”

A friend tells a girl that she sees that she’s in love and with whom.

Mentions a man’s naked children.

Someone guesses that a man is in love with a girl with blue eyes.


Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 1 Incident

a** (referring to a donkey)

Violence - None

Conversation Topics - 5 Incidents

Cursing by the names of the Egyptian gods is used throughout the book.

Some religious and cultural customs of ancient Egypt are mentioned throughout in passing, including god worship, superstition regarding the ghosts of the dead (called ba and kheft), magicians, amulets, omens, etc.

Mentions wine and drinking it several times throughout the book.

Mentions gaming (gambling).

A queen is given a cup of poison - forced suicide.

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