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This is the total number of incidents in this 292 page book.

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Author: Jules Verne
Key Words: Fiction, Action & Adventure, Geography, Romance, Classic

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Book Description:

The book tells the story of the quest for Captain Grant of the Britannia. After finding a bottle the captain had cast into the ocean after the Britannia is shipwrecked, Lord and Lady Glenarvan of Scotland connect with Mary and Robert, the young daughter and son of Captain Grant, through an announcement in a newspaper. The government refuses to launch a rescue expedition, but Lord and Lady Glenarvan, moved by the children's condition, decide to do it by themselves. The main difficulty is that the coordinates of the wreckage are mostly erased, and only the latitude (37 degrees) is known; thus, the expedition would have to circumnavigate the 37th parallel south. The bottle was retrieved from a shark's stomach, so it is impossible to trace its origin by the currents. Remaining clues consist of a few words in three languages. It's an adventure of global proportions!


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 1 Incident

I'll be hanged

Religious Profanities - 1 Incident

Heaven forbid

Scatological Terms - 2 Incidents

Bl**dy (as in lots of blood)

Derogatory Terms - 11 Incidents

negro, mulatto, *ss, jack*sses (referring to the animal)

Conversation Topics - 10 Incidents

There are a few racial slurs. For example: aborigines "low enough in the scale of human intelligence and most degraded and uncivilized." "English and Americans married to negros ... the children of these heterogeneous households are very disagreeable.

Mentions wine, champagne, sherry, rum, smoking, cigars, tattoos.

References "Dame Nature."

There is a question about Noah taking dinosaurs on the ark.

Mentions "Hindu divinities."

"Mnemosyne! Goddess of Memory, chaste mother of the muses" a mock prayer said in jest.

Several paragraphs describing cannibalistic rituals.

There are crones/witches in the story for about 1 paragraph.

New Zealand natives lacerate themselves at a burial and a wife half kills herself in order to join her dead husband in the after-life. Her tribe finishes the action.

There is an idea that the Australian climate can rejuvenate body and soul - which is why convicts are sent there. The theory is later disproved.

Violence - 1 Incident

A train wreck is described: "great tracks of blood, scattered limbs, charred trunks of bodies, showed here and there."

Sexual Content

Making Out/Sex - 2 Incidents

"He wound up by asking permission to kiss her, which Lady Helena granted, though it was, perhaps, a little improper."

A married couple embrace twice.

Miscellaneous - 6 Incidents

A young girl and man fall in love slowly throughout the book. You see small glimpses of their budding love for each other.

The word "bosom" is used 6 times to mean heart.

The word "breast" is used 5 times to mean chest.

"The boy's clothes were stripped off in an instant, and his face bathed with cold water."

The word "sex" is used to mean gender.

The word "virgin" is used.

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