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June 3, 2016
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This is the total number of profanity incidents in this 212 page book.

*Sexual and Violence incidents coming soon! We'll change this number once these incidents are included.

Author: N Scott Momaday
Key Words: Classics, History & Educational, Award Winners, Pulitzer Prize

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Book Description:

The magnificent Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of a stranger in his native land A young Native American, Abel has come home from a foreign war to find himself caught between two worlds. The first is the world of his father's, wedding him to the rhythm of the seasons, the harsh beauty of the land, and the ancient rites and traditions of his people. But the other world -- modern, industrial America -- pulls at Abel, demanding his loyalty, claiming his soul, goading him into a destructive, compulsive cycle of dissipation and disgust. And the young man, torn in two, descends into hell.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 13 Incidents

d*mn*d, h*ll

Anatomical Terms - 2 Incidents

c*ck, *ss

Scatological Terms - None

Religious Profanities - 1 Incidents


Derogatory Terms - 11 Incidents

qu**r, n*gr*, h*e, h*


Coming Soon

Sexual Content


Coming Soon

Making Out/Sex

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Conversation Topics

11 Topics - 70 mentions of those topics

ghosts, ghost, skull, skeleton, kill, liquor, witch, alcoholic, alcohol, cigarette, drunk

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