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This is the total number of incidents in this 571 page book.

*As personal standards vary, please see the breakdown to determine what matters to you.

Author: Elizabeth Goudge
Key Words: Fiction, Drama, Period Piece, Historical Fiction

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Book Description:

When Marianne LePatourel meets William Ozanne in the 1830s on an island in the English Channel, she sets her heart on him. However, her sister Marguerite falls in love with him too. And so begins this sweeping novel that takes the characters on dramatic adventures from childhood through old age, on land and at sea, and from the Channel Islands to China to the New Zealand frontier.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 82 Incidents

d*mned, d*mn, h*ll, d*mnably

Religious Profanities - 49 Incidents

God, god-d*mned, Lord, Good Gracious, mercy of heaven, God bless my soul, heaven knows, my goodness, Faith, thank God, in the name of God, Mother of God, for goodness sake, for heaven's sake, for God's sake, God knows, good God, God help him,

By gad, begod, begorra are used numerous times throughout the book.

Scatological Terms - 9 Incidents


Derogatory Terms - 14 Incidents

n*gg*rs, *ss, Ch*nk, J*p

Violence - None

Conversation Topics - 5 Incidents

This book has strong character portraits, with the caste often asking deep spiritual and philosophical questions about God, having a relationship with God, religion, love, salvation, merit, worth, martyrdom; as well as showing the caste's querying pursuits for redemption, love and peace by various means.

Mentions alcohol throughout the book. At one time a main character is an alcoholic.

Various men smoke throughout the book and mentions snuff.

Mentions sailor and Maori tattoos often.

There is some discussion about the Maori customs of cannibalism, cutting, suicides if a spouse died, head shrinking, spirits, and there is a scene with a faked seance.

Sexual Content

Lust - 6 Incidents

Character description: "She ought now to have been rounding out a little into the contours of womanhood, yet her body remained as thin and brown as it had always been."

"William thought, as he watched her wonderingly from the door. Something possessed her, something divine that men would always worship, the selflessness of woman who givers her body to man to ensure his immortality on the earth, as divine Demeter bares her bosom to the sun and rain that the seed within it may have life. William's heart constricted painfully as he looked at the transfigured girl ... and his throat felt tight and his eyes hot as the flame of desire surged for the first time through his body."

A married woman thinks briefly about a man she once loved.

"Even so had Edmond and Sophie once leaned upon the harbor wall. In her passionate sympathy for her daughter, Sophie could feel the pressure of William's body against her own, and the trembling of her nerves made answer. She was her daughter at this moment. Her hands stole down beside her as though to feel for William's and her desperate happiness seemed wrapping itself about her body like a flame."

When a man decides to move away, he tells a married woman that he has loved her for years. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. She does not struggle and they both feel as if they had once been together in some other life. They feel as if they were made for each other. But she says she is her husband's and he agrees (which is why he decided to move away). He departs and they never see each other again, and the woman recollects this scene a couple of times.

"Marianne; her clothes were too smart for a farmer's wife, and she captivated the men with them at the rare local festivities with a thoroughness that was not seemly in a woman of her age."

Making Out/Sex - 6 Incidents

A young boy and girl kiss several times.

A young woman kisses a young man quickly good bye.

A naive young man is tricked by a young woman. She gets him drunk, sleeps with him and robs him. No sensual details are given.

A man tenderly kisses his wife-to-be. They kiss several times throughout the book - not sensually descriptive.

A young lady finds a man's kisses unsatisfying. He kisses her several times and takes her into a conservatory after a dance to propose (it is noted that he had done this before for that "love-making behind the potted plants." She is not sure of him or his character and so is torn within herself.

Between a husband and wife: He caressed her as though he were a young and ardent lover, kissing her forehead and her wet eyelids, her lips and her hair. He had never kissed her like this before."

Miscellaneous - 12 Incidents

The word "breast" and "bosom" are used several times to mean chest or heart.

The word "sex" is used a few times to mean gender.

A mother complains of her daughter's too revealing neckline.

Dancing is mentioned a few times throughout the books and there are several dances the characters attend.

Mentions half naked women working in coal mines.

Mentions sailors, stowaways or mutineers sometimes washing up on shore naked.

A few times it is mentioned that the natives were half naked.

A woman clasps a letter to her breast and then pushes it inside her dress.

A husband tells his wife to undress in order to put on a disguise.

"But a quick glance showed Tai Haruru that her breast had not been cut by the flints. She was not a widow."

"Her bosom was like a large black sofa."

"It was white stain, fitting like a sheath over her breasts and into the curve of her waist, then breaking over the hips into a cascade of frills and flounces.. and the next was very low indeed."

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