September 7, 2017
Swallows and Amazons
September 7, 2017

Daddy-Long Legs

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This is the total number of incidents in this 192 page book.

*As personal standards vary, please see the breakdown to determine what matters to you.

Author: Jean Webster
Key Words: Fiction, Classics, Romance, Coming of Age, Teens

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Book Description:

A trustee of the John Grier orphanage has offered to send Judy Abbott to college. The only requirements are that she must write to him every month and that she can never know who he is. Judy's life at college is a whirlwind of friends, classes, parties and a growing friendship with the handsome Jervis Pendleton. With so much happening in her life, Judy can scarcely stop writing to 'Daddy-Long-Legs', or wondering who her mysterious benefactor is...


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Religious Profanities - 6 Incidents

Mercy, thank goodness, thank heaven

Derogatory Terms - 2 Incidents

Negro waiters

Violence - None

Sexual Content

Lust - 1 Incident

A married man eloped with a chorus girl.

Miscellaneous - 8 Incidents

“As she gets older and has boyfriends and goes to dances ...which boyfriend is the right one, and with whom will she end up?”

There are two men in the story who are possible, potential love interests and have various chaperoned outings with the main character.

Mentions that Henry the Eighth was married more than once.

A young lady describes an afternoon with a young man and her two friends. He sends them all chocolates later.

A girl attends several dances throughout the book.

The word “sex” is used - to mean gender.

A girl is corresponding with two interested men.

A girl shares that she is in love with someone.

Conversation Topics - 12 Incidents

“I hope you never touch alcohol, Daddy? It does dreadful things to your liver.”

“I didn’t know that people used to be monkeys and that the Garden of Eden was a beautiful myth.”

Some sarcasm, “The family came over in the ark, and were connected by marriage with Henry the Eighth. On her father’s side they date back further than Adam. On the topmost branches of her family tree there’s a superior breed of monkeys, with very fine silky hair and extra long tails.”

“I don’t agree with the theory that adversity and sorrow and disappointment develop moral strength. The happy people are the ones who are bubbling over with kindliness. I have no faith in misanthropes.”

A girl goes to church and shares her negative thoughts - she is not a Christian.

A cow gets drunk, rum and whiskey are mentioned and someone gets drunk off of Jamaica ginger.

A girl is glad she doesn’t have to say grace before a meal.

A girl justifies herself for stealing cookies as a child.

“Duty was the one quality that was encouraged. I don’t think children ought to know the meaning of the word; it’s odious, detestable. They ought to do everything from love.”

A girl discusses heaven, being stuck in your religious ways - not favorable.

“Mrs Semple believes that people who go fishing on Sundays go afterwards to a sizzling hot hell!”

A girl discusses her thoughts on free will.

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