Many Sparrows
August 16, 2018
August 16, 2018


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This is the total number of incidents in this 290 page book.

Author: J. L. Pond
Key Words: Fiction, Christian, Teen, Young Adult

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Book Description:

How far would you go if your faith stopped making sense? Nathan “Rudy” Rudolph has gone to church for as long as he can remember, but as his senior year of high school begins, his ongoing battle with lust begins to raise challenging questions about God’s expectations and the very nature of salvation. When Amy Davidson arrives at Knight’s Day Academy following a family tragedy, Rudy feels an instant connection. As they strike up a friendship that quickly becomes something more, Amy surprises Rudy by revealing troubling questions of her own. Together they embark on a journey to answer the questions they can’t ask anywhere else. Who is God really? What does he want from them? And why should they want anything to do with him?


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 32 Incidents

heck, crap, crap-hole, freaking, screwed, screwing, screw-up, darn

Religious Profanities – 3 Incidents

Oh Lord, Gee, gosh

Violence - None

Conversation Topics - 2 Incidents

A girl is known to sneak into the kitchen cupboards to take a drink of vodka every now and then to “take the edge off.” She offers her boyfriend some who is at first reluctant. They know the Bible says that drunkenness is condemned but figure a swig now and then can’t hurt. Then the girl gets really drunk. The boy does too in a later scene. You’ll want to follow this theme up with your teen.

As the teens in this book encounter difficult life issues and struggle with faith, doubt and sin, they turn to the Bible to seek answers to their questions. Such questions as: “If God is good and sovereign, then how can evil exist? If He causes evil, can He truly be good? How does election work? Can people choose their eternal destiny, or does God choose for them? How can a good God allow all of the pain and suffering we see in the world? What should life look like for a believer, specifically in regard to a relationship with God and the battle with sin?”

Sexual Content

Making Out/Sex - 1 Incident

There is hand-holding and some kissing (not detailed).

Miscellaneous - 2 Incidents

A boy and girl are in a house alone together – the boy knows he shouldn’t be there but pushes the thought away.

A teen struggles with porn; this is mentioned throughout the book. Nothing he sees is ever described; you just know he has a problem and that he has gotten into more hardcore stuff because a friend makes it easily available to him. WARNING: Parents, if you do not have a strong safeguard in play for the computer and internet, your teen will learn how to get passed it from this book! The fictional character receives SD cards from his friend and plays them using a card reader – this is not traceable. You will also learn that there are internet browsers with Stealth Mode so that anything viewed online cannot be traced – Stealth Mode will not keep a history of viewed pages!

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