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Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians

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Author: Brandon Sanderson
Key Words: Fantasy, Tween, Action & Adventure

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Book Description:

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians is the first action-packed fantasy adventure in the Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians series for young readers by the #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson. These fast-paced and funny novels are now available in deluxe hardcover editions illustrated by Hayley Lazo.

On his thirteenth birthday, foster child Alcatraz Smedry gets a bag of sand in the mail-his only inheritance from his father and mother. He soon learns that this is no ordinary bag of sand. It is quickly stolen by the cult of evil Librarians who are taking over the world by spreading misinformation and suppressing truth. Alcatraz must stop them, using the only weapon he has: an incredible talent for breaking things.


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Children's Bad Words

Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 10 Incidents

h*ll, stupid, what the heck, poppycock

“Oh blast,” “Blistering Brooks,” “Galloping Gemmells!” and other made up exclamations are used throughout the entire book.

Name Calling - 21 Incidents

klutz, stupid, old loon, fool, stupid, moron, monster

Religious Profanities - 3 Incidents

Goodness, for goodness' sake

Religious & Supernatural - 2 Incidents

[SPOILER] The book starts with the main character on an altar “about to get sacrificed to the dark powers by a cult of evil Librarians.” This is only dramatic emphasis - it does not happen, nor is there any cults, sacrifices, etc in the story. It is a fantasy so there are superpowers.

A boy says, “dragons didn’t come and bow to me at my birth. I wasn’t tutored by the spirits of my dead Smedry ancestors.”

Romance Related - 5 Incidents

“I thought maybe it was some preliminary courtship ritual …” *Not romantic.

Mentions bad romance novels.

A man and woman fell in love and then broke up after having a child./p>

A boy “once unwittingly made a friend’s pants fall down.”


Parent Takeaway

The main character is a foster care boy who tries dealing with insecurities by not letting people get too close. It's a wall so he won't get emotionally hurt. Because of this, he often says he's not a nice guy and not the hero you're looking for in a book. In the end he repents over his actions. All this being said, the character's attitudes and emotions aren't supposed to be heavy - the book is actually incredibly sarcastic, comical and possesses a lot of irony. So if your kids are tweens and mature enough not to mimic the attitudes and to realize it's more satire than anything, give this a try. It really is a whole ton of fun!

Attitudes/Disobedience - 8 Incidents

A boy was called a klutz a lot as a child because he broke things. He eventually grows up not to care and often - though not all the time - breaks things on purpose in order to not let anyone (foster parents) get close to him. Because of this and that he thinks he’s a coward, he says throughout the book that he’s not a nice person. He repents and makes amends for everything later.

A boy lies, saying a lady looks pretty.

A boy lies, often saying his action (mistake) was deliberate.

A boy lies.

A girl, apologizing says, “I’m sorry. I’m not very good with people. They annoy me. That’s probably why I ended up in a job that lets me beat them up.”

A boy, trying to act bad and tough, says “In other words, I was feeling humility. I sincerely hope that you never have to feel this emotion Like asparagus and fish, it’s not really as good for you as everyone says it is. Selfishness, arrogance, and callousness got me much further than humility ever did.” This attitude/pretense is kept up throughout the book and is supposed to be lighthearted/funny.

A boy lies to a bad guy.

A boy lies, not telling his foster parents that he’s been on an adventure.

Violence - 1 Incident

“I sent out chocks of Talent and felt bones snap beneath my fingers. My captors cried out, jumping back and cradling broken limbs. Blackburn dropped the Lenses of Rashid and fell to his knees, … leaving a smoking [eye] socket behind. He screamed in pain.”

Conversation Topics - 2 Incidents

Mentions an anorexic racing jockey.

“I tried very hard not to look at the latrine bucket, in the hopes that it wouldn’t remind my body of any duties that needed to be done.”

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