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May 31, 2016
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A Beautiful Mind

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This is the total number of profanity incidents in this 390 page book.

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Author: Sylvia Nasar
Key Words: Scientists

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Book Description:

In this powerful and dramatic biography Sylvia Nasar vividly recreates the life of a mathematical genius whose career was cut short by schizophrenia and who, after three decades of devastating mental illness, miraculously recovered and was honored with a Nobel Prize. “How could you, a mathematician, believe that extraterrestrials were sending you messages?” the visitor from Harvard asked the West Virginian with the movie-star looks and Olympian manner. “Because the ideas I had about supernatural beings came to me the same way my mathematical ideas did,” came the answer. “So I took them seriously.” Thus begins the true story of John Nash, the mathematical genius who was a legend by age thirty when he slipped into madness, and who—thanks to the selflessness of a beautiful woman and the loyalty of the mathematics community—emerged after decades of ghostlike existence to win a Nobel Prize for triggering the game theory revolution. The inspiration for an Academy Award–winning movie, Sylvia Nasar’s now-classic biography is a drama about the mystery of the human mind, triumph over adversity, and the healing power of love.


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Mild Obscenities & Substitutions - 16 Incidents

m*ron, g*sh, cr*p, d*mn*d, h*ll

Anatomical Terms - 6 Incidents

d*ck, *ss, f-word

Scatological Terms - 3 Incidents

sh*tty, c*m, bl**dy

Religious Profanities - 1 Incidents


Derogatory Terms - 6 Incidents

qu**r, h*, g*y, b*st*rd


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Sexual Content


Coming Soon

Making Out/Sex

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Conversation Topics

18 Topics - 59 mentions of those topics

cadaver, corpse, ghost, electrocute, torture, dope, kill, murder, booze, beer, snuff, liquor, witch, suicide, alcohol, drugs, cigarette, drunk

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