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November 24, 2017
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The Best Christmas Books: Jesus

Jesus is the reason for the season. I know that that has become such a cliche statement, but … it is nonetheless still wondrously true. And to those of us that have believed in Him and been changed by Him, we can’t help but to both inwardly and outwardly rejoice. Our gratitude and joy is due to such a magnanimous gift, such a glorious plan of salvation and goodwill towards all men.  He is our all, our everything. And His birth, which announced the start of that Good News, is truly a cause for celebration!

Here is a list of a few favorites that share the story of Jesus. May you and your children be blessed this holiday season as you rejoice too.


Title: One Wintry Night
Author: Ruth Bell Graham

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Book Overview: This is a wonderful book that fully captures and explains the real reason we are so joyous at Christmas! Because God sent us a Savior, in the form of a baby, who would one day grow up to pay a glorious sacrifice.

The story begins with a little boy who sprains his ankle in the woods. He’s found be an older lady who welcomes him into her home and tells him the story of Christmas. From the beginning of Creation to the Resurrection, she highlights the Bible’s narrative of God’s salvation plan.

I love that Graham wrote this in ten short chapters. Each chapter begins and ends in such a way that it makes it ideal for starting just 9 days before Christmas, reading a chapter a day, and ending with the last one on Christmas.
Ages: 4 – 10



Title: The Christmas Star from Afar

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Book Overview: Here’s a fun, and Christian alternative, to Elf on the Shelf!

How it works: Set up your nativity and hide the Star each night in December. Once your children wake up and find the Star, move all Three Wise Men to its location. That evening read the optional scripture. Repeat each day. On Christmas Eve, place your Star on the top of your nativity stable and on Christmas morning, have your Three Wise Men reach the nativity scene and find their king, baby Jesus! This is a delightful and enchanting tradition and to make it even more fun, place a little surprise or sweet with your Star everyday to make this fun game more like an Advent Calendar. Ages: 3+




Title: Song of the Stars
Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones

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Book Overview: This is one of the best nativity stories I’ve read so far this year. It’s beautiful and glorious, as the whole earth rejoices in His miraculous coming. I appreciated the unique perspective a lot!

The skies shouted it to the seas that thundered it to the waves that roared it to the great white whales that sang it to the starfish in the deep. And tiny sandpipers danced it on shining sands… “It’s time! It’s time!” On one quiet night, creation whispered a secret. Grass and bees, robins and trees all spread the word. Sheep told their young while angels sang the song to the shepherds. Hushed news of a miracle echoed to the ends of the earth. The moment had come. The long-awaited child had arrived! Creation cried out in celebration, but only a few people heard. Only a few joined nature’s chorus, a song in praise of the newborn King. Ages: 2 – 6



Title: The Legend of the Candy Cane
Author: Lori Walburg

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Book Overview: The candy cane symbolizes all that makes Christmas wonderful! Share with your children the beautiful story of what it’s parts and colors represent.

One dark November night a stranger rides into a small prairie town. Who is he? Why has he come? The townspeople wish he were a doctor, a dressmaker, or a trader. But the children have the greatest wish of all, a deep, quiet, secret wish. Ages: 4 – 10



Title: The Gift of the Christmas Cookie
Author: Dandi Daley Mackall

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Book Overview: I hadn’t heard the reason behind why sugar cookies are cut into shapes before. I’m glad I know now! A fun story and beautifully illustrated.

It’s the Christmas season during a time when people had little money to spend. Cookie jars held pennies, not Christmas cookies. So when Jack smells something delicious coming from the kitchen, he can’t believe his nose. Cookies! But his excitement turns to disappointment when he learns the cookies aren’t for him. Instead, Mother is baking them for the needy people at their church. While Jack helps roll out the dough, his mother tells him the legend of the Christmas cookie. In a captivating interplay of simple words and beautiful illustrations, The Legend of the Christmas Cookie tells a tender story of giving―not just cookies, but gifts of the heart that last forever. Ages: 4 – 10



Title: Jesus is Born
Author: Sophie Piper

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Book Overview: This is beautiful! This book takes it narration from gospels of Luke and Matthew to tell the story of Jesus’s birth. The illustrations are brilliant and moving.

No story is more beloved—or more often told—than the story of the first Christmas, when Jesus was born. In text that echoes the language of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, Jesus Is Born tells the entire story of the nativity, from the angel Gabriel’s awe-inspiring message to the Virgin Mary to the miraculous birth of Christ in a lowly manger in Bethlehem; from the luminous star that led shepherds and three wise men to the newborn king to King Herod’s terrible threat and God’s promise to keep Jesus, Mary, and Joseph safe. A timeless and complete retelling of the tale, Jesus Is Born is the perfect introduction to the story at the heart of Christmas.

The good news of Jesus’s birth is brought to life in this instant classic.  I’d recommend you get this one for your shelf! Ages: 4 – 9


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