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November 23, 2017
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The Best Christmas Books: Joy

Laughs, giggles, chuckles, foot stomping, knee slapping, … the embarrassing snort – there’s just so many ways to express joy. And at Christmas time there are an abundance of things to be joyful about. Like memories, presents,  parties, and holiday outings. But sometimes just a laugh for no reason is a good idea too.

Here is a list of some random, fun-loving books. Take a minute from the hustle and bustle to relax and share a chuckle or two with your kids!


Title: A Pirate’s Twelve Days of Christmas
Author: Philip Yates

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Book Overview: Argh! This is incredibly clever – I loved every page! If you have pirate lovers in your family, this will keep them seated and begging for a read through or two. Be sure when you’re reading it you don’t just look at the words – take the time to look at the illustrations too; there’s some funny stuff!

It’s a witty reimagining of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” with a sly buccaneer twist. A brave cabin boy receives marvelously mysterious gifts for each of the 12 days he is left alone to guard the pirate ship: 12 cannons blastin’, 9 mermaids singin’, 6 Jolly Rogers, and so on—but who are they from? With impeccable rhythm and a lively sense of fun, Philip Yates and Sebastià Serra create a delightful world all their own. Ages: 4 – 8



Title: Christmas with the Mousekins
Author: Maggie Smith

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Book Overview: If you have daughters, ages 4 – 9, they will have a wonderful time with this book! It’s not just a story – it’s an idea book too, full of crafts and recipes that are so cute you won’t resist making them. And the pictures are absolutely wonderful – full of color, sweet mouse homes and joy.

All the highlights of a great December are here. The Mousekins pick out and decorate a tree. Make paper snowflakes with Nana Mousekin. Bake cookies for friends and neighbors. Write letters to Santa Mouse. Welcome carolers. Sled and skate and make a snowmouse. Share family stories of Christmases past. And find secret corners of the house to work on surprise presents for each other.Ages: 4 – 9



Title: Pizza-Pie Snowman
Author: Valeri Gorbachev

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Book Overview: This is a must read for your kiddos this winter season! Clever and cute!

One snowy day, Pinky is heading to town to get a pizza for himself and his mother. He must run quickly so he doesn’t forget: mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, onions and peas. When the Squirrel boys try to sidetrack him, Pinky becomes annoyed and kicks the tree they’re in. The snow from the branches falls down, and Pinky, not knowing it, looks like a snowman. As Pinky walks through town, EVERYONE is talking about the walking snowman. But Pinky doesn’t see him AND he’s much too focused on getting his pizza to stop and look for him.  Ages: 3 – 6



Title: Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift
Author: Rebecca Harry

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Book Overview: Positively adorable. Incredibly, scrumptiously cute. Lovable and cuddly. I’m not sure what else I can say to convey just how “cute” this book is. I LOVE the illustrations and the story line is so joyous and sweet.

When all of Snow Bunny’s friends leave because of the cold, Snow Bunny is sad and lonely. But when she sees a big, shiny button in the snow, she knows just what to do. She spends the rest of the day making a warm hat for Mouse, a wooly scarf for Fox, and a cozy coat with a button for Bear. Now with these Christmas gifts, they’re warm enough to be outside with Snow Bunny and light the Christmas tree! Ages: 3 – 7



Title: Snow
Author: Sam Usher

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Book Overview: Ooh, ooh! Pick this one – you think it’s just a normal little story about a boy and playing in the snow, but it’s not. There’s another element that will surprise the socks right off your feet. Your kids will gobble it up! Ages: 3 – 7


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