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October 11, 2016
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Two Steps Ahead: A Resource for Sonlight and Veritas Users – Part I

Selecting the curriculum already took enough time and probably more than you were anticipating. And with school starting in a few months and the mounds of new books sending subliminal shock waves of intimidation at you, you’re probably wondering how you’ll stay one step ahead of your kids.

We can’t help with your science experiment prep, correcting your high schooler’s math or your grocery shopping, but we can help with your reading and literature!

Whether you’re reading stories out loud to your kids or handing them this year’s assigned books, we can make sure you stay two steps ahead! Just a quick glance over our report will eliminate you having to read the book and it will provide you with a complete breakdown of its contents (because who wants to be taken off guard with a question like: “Mom, the girl in the story is talking about punctuation, a period, and how she couldn’t go to church because it was her only dress or something. What’s she talking about?”).

For Sonlight and Veritas users, we’ve made it even easier.  We’ve compiled a list of quick links to all of the reviews, reports and Clean Guides we have of books that you’ll find within your curriculum.  Books that we have so far, that is. We’re adding new books each week!

So kick back, utilize these quick-glance reports and be sure to share this with other Sonlight and Veritas users. They’ll appreciate you imparting this time-saving tool with them!

Grammar School Level – Grades First through Sixth

Sonlight’s List

  1. Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Report
  2. Detectives in Togas – Report and Clean Guide
  3. The Door in the Wall – Report
  4. The Cricket in Times Square – Report
  5. The Sign of the Beaver – Report and Clean Guide
  6. Tolliver’s Secret – Report 
  7. Across Five Aprils – Report and Clean Guide
  8. Caddie Woodlawn – Report and Clean Guide
  9. Little Britches – Review
  10. Miracles on Maple Hill – Report and Clean Guide
  11. Old Yeller – Report and Clean Guide
  12. Whatever Happened to Penny Candy – Review

Veritas’s List

  1. The Door in the Wall – Report
  2. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler – Report and Clean Guide
  3. Macbeth – Review and Clean Guide
  4. Old Yeller – Report and Clean Guide
  5. Fahrenheit 451 –  Review, Report and Clean Guide
  6. Mary Poppins – Review
  7. The Railway Children – Review, Report and Clean Guide


Stay tuned for a list of books for Junior High and High School!


If you’re not familiar with Book Radar, here’s a quick description explaining the difference between a review, a report and a Clean Guide. Review: this is free and posted right on our blog. It includes a reader’s take-away of the title. Report: accessed by a membership that costs just $12.99 for a year and gives you a complete breakdown of every swear word, bad attitude, romantic moment, etc.. Clean Guide: allows you to take a marker to everything objectionable you want to black out of a book.

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