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The Book Lover’s Party

I think I might look forward to The Book Lover’s Party more than Christmas. Well… It’s at least very close. I certainly feel a more heightened anticipation for it. Perhaps because the build-up is longer than Christmas’s. It’s about twelve months long. Yup, pretty much after the party ends I’m already getting excited and planning for the next one.

Planning in thought anyway. Throughout the year, I’ll come across bookishy things and think, “Ah ha! That would be so great to do for the party!” and then make a mental note. The only problem is that when my book-party-throwing cohort, Steph, and I sit down to start planning, I can’t recollect any of the things I came across on blogs or Pinterest throughout the year!  (That’s changing this year by the way. I now have a board on Pinterest!). No matter. It just means I get to spend more time researching great ideas! It’s fun trying to figure out the decorations, what clever food item (from a book) to bring,  and what game we’ll play that we’ll give our own bookish twist to. 

An additional perk over Christmas – we do a book exchange! Everyone brings a book they love and leaves with someone else’s favorite. What’s really nice is that when you unwrap the book you picked from the pile of presents, the person who brought it gets to give a little spiel about why it’s so good. I think all of my friends are fantastic marketers because I typically end up wanting to read every book that was brought. 

Anyway, less talk and more showing!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of COMING SOON! (12) Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of COMING SOON! (13)

Here’s a sampling of the great food ideas people came up with:


                                                              Chocolates with book images printed on address labels. Genius Steph!

  Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of COMING SOON! (14)

 The game we played was Balderdash … with a bookish twist! Instead of using obscure words from a dictionary, we found obscure book titles that everyone had to write a back-cover-like synopsis for. It was fun hearing the laughs from each team as they whispered their ideas and jotted them down. Reading their creations was great too!

DSC_0541 DSC_0540
There’s Shannon!                                                                     And there’s Cate and Tarah!

DSC_0543 DSC_0542

And now for the book exchange! Everyone gets a number and when it’s your turn, you can either open a gift or steal one already opened. A book can only be stolen up to three times though – the third person gets to keep it. This year, we had more books stolen then I ever remember. Like I said, my friends are fine-tuning those mad marketing skills!

DSC_0570 DSC_0539

Tarah had more books stolen from her than anybody else. Probably because she’s such a good sport!

In conclusion, here’s a list of the books that the attendees thought were worthy enough to bring:

  1. Just David
  2. 21 Balloons
  3. Dead Wake
  4. Heaven Sent
  5. If Teacups Could Talk
  6. Bible and Jesus Calling
  7. Joyful Christian
  8. My Life Without God
  9. Born to Run
  10. Inventors Who Left Their Brands on America
  11. Maisie Dobbs
  12. At Home in Mitford
  13. Counting by 7s (this was brought by two people!)
  14. To Kill a Mockingbird
  15. Crossing to Safety
  16. Rebecca
  17. Eat that Frog
  18. The Hiding Place
  19. Endless Spindle
  20. The Inheritance
  21. Anne of Green Gables

Happy reading all!

Hi! I’m Luisa and I’ve always been an avid reader and lover of books. Well… at least that is to say since I was about eight years old when my mom encouraged my sister and I to do a summer reading challenge. After that, I was always getting in trouble for not doing my chores, my school, or staying in the bathroom too long haha, because of a book! Read more about me here