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Inventors Who Left Their Brands on America

Title: Inventors Who Left Their Brands on America | Author: Frank H. Olsen

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This book was some random find of my mom’s that I happened upon one summer when I was doing a reading challenge (yes, we did this most summers). I needed another book, this looked interesting enough, so I started it.


I still remember it to this day and believe me, it’s been quite a few years!

I think this was supposed to be one of those books that my mom was hoping would get me to like science. She loved science, enjoyed teaching it, and I … well, I just didn’t care – to her chagrin. “Luisa, don’t you want to know why a light bulb works?” To which I’d reply sheepishly, “Umm… I’m just glad it comes on when I hit the switch.”

See, even though this book is about inventions and perhaps “sciency” type things, it’s really history – which I love. And biographies and stories. And full of fun facts that get you labeled as a nerd. “Hey did you know that Hershey started out selling … nope, not chocolates, but lemon drops! Weird, huh?!”

It might be an obscure title, but it’s full of really fascinating stories: such as Gillette razors were started because of a dare, Cornflakes came from an accident, Levi Strauss went to find gold during the California Gold Rush but ended up making a fortune off of his pants…

Get it and read it. You’ll thank me. And maybe if you have kids that like “sciency” stuff and not history, well maybe this will do the trick!


Did Aunt Jemima really exist? Did someone actually invent the ballpoint pen or cook up the first frozen dinner? What genius was behind the creation of the Polaroid camera? Was it just luck that led to the discovery of rubber? Here are the true stories behind the products, food, gadgets, and equipment consumed and used by millions of people every day. There are more than one hundred entries in this volume.


Nothing to note.

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