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When Character Was King: The Story of Ronald Reagan

Title: When Character Was King: The Story of Ronald Reagan | Author: Peggy Noonan

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The Reagan era happened well before I was born, and even though I had heard great things about Ronald Reagan, I only had a vague idea of what he’d actually done. This book changed that.

Peggy Noonan did a fantastic job bringing Reagan to life. Although the book was 
obviously about his leadership, his presidency, and all he’d done for our country, 
as said above, “It may well be the last word on Ronald Reagan, not only as a leader but as a man.” It was not only about the things he’d done while president, but about Reagan himself. And I found myself loving him not only as a great leader, but as a man.

Noonan was Reagan’s speech writer for a number of years, and while there were perspectives on Reagan told from his wife, daughter, and two Presidents of the United States, it was interesting hearing things from the point of view of someone who had worked with him, and thought him worthy of writing a book about. 

I loved this book. If you want to know what Reagan did for our country, and who he was as a husband, colleague, and friend, I think you will too.


No one has ever captured Ronald Reagan like Peggy Noonan. In When Character Was King, Noonan brings her own reflections on Reagan to bear as well as new stories—from Presidents George W. Bush and his father, George H. W. Bush, his Secret Service men and White House colleagues, his wife, his daughter Patti Davis, and his close friends—to reveal the true nature of a man even his opponents now view as a maker of big history. Marked by incisive wit and elegant prose, When Character Was King will both enlighten and move readers. It may well be the last word on Ronald Reagan, not only as a leader but as a man.


Very few mild obscenities, several mentions of drinking, and one homosexual reference.

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