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Shannon- Marketing

Hey, I’m Shannon, Luisa’s little sister.

I would have to second Tarah and say that I’m a converted reader. As a kid, reading was never social enough for me - I would have much rather played with friends than sat reading. Now however, most of my friends are huge readers and it's almost unsocial NOT to read. You can’t show up at a coffee date with nothing interesting to talk about because you haven’t read anything lately - I mean who’s gonna invite you back at that rate. ;-)

Luisa and my mom always tried to motivate me to read more. Mom did these really fun summer reading challenges, where we’d get to go somewhere special if we read ‘x’ amount of books. I always had a smaller number than Luisa, thank goodness. Even then though, I would carefully choose my titles every library trip we made - lots of pictures and short reads. :) Ha ha! But mom didn't mind; at least I was reading and she knew that as I grew up I'd choose better books, if I cultivated the love now. And of course she was right; aren't moms always!?

One day as an adult, the light suddenly shone and I realized I was missing out on all kinds of knowledge. There was a pile of books I wanted to read. I made myself commit to reading a book a month so I would actually make progress. That year there were many days on the 31 that I spent the whole night reading trying to finish up my book. :) I'm glad I stuck with it though and reading since then has been much more enjoyable. :) Thanks to amazing recommendations from friends and titles I’ve found myself, I have a stash of favorites. My favorites are non-fiction on various topics depending on what I’m interested in learning at the time. African slums, famines in China, ants, generational changes…. I read some interesting titles that my book club friends like to tease me about, but I find them very fascinating! My newest fetish is health and nutrition. That has been really fun to read. On the whole I enjoy reading economical and social issues and biographies. I rarely read fiction, but if I do, I love Charlotte Bronte and George Eliot. They are great at slow character development - Luisa says “too slow”. :)

So on my blog reviews, you may find some books from college classes. :) At least you’ll be learning right?